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About Us

AL KHARAFI GLOBAL GEN. TRADE. CO. WLL was founded and established by Mr. Mohammed Salman AL KHARAFI first as NOFCO (North Oil Fields Drilling & Service Co) oil & gas service provider organization presently based in Kuwait and determined to undertake on shore/ off shore drilling operation activities in perforation oil drilling projects, with an exclusive license from the Kuwaiti Ministry of oil among the only two companies that have been provided by this authorization to do so.

Later on the company consolidated itself in the trading and civil/industrial projects in Kuwait dealing with oil fields, refineries, petrol chemicals and power utilities, becoming registered with both oil & gas and Government sectors.

The company has made its way diversifying the core business and becoming a renowned firm in the State of Kuwait with multiple service in various field and sectors not only in Kuwait but in the Middle East as well. We are professionally supporting all the services locally and for our international partners and clients in any project arena thanks to our experts and experienced team of consultants and engineers, our skilled technicians can install and manage a full service on residential and commercial projects. Along with our associated partners and engineering team in the G.C.C, Europe and Asia for the knowledge and expertise of having worked in both the oil and gas, building and construction sector, we cater for each client’s demand, need and aspiration.

We are in the pursuit of combining existing and future upcoming projects. The company is playing an important role in supporting commercial operation, construction projects in both procurement, project management to different industries, supply of the materials and equipment and mainly the co-ordination of the turnkey contractors and subcontractors providing reliable support and solutions that is needed for the daily base job.

The Company prides itself as the right partner of choice to our international partners and foreign companies, industries and groups being considered as an active trustworthy player in the territory of Kuwait in which provide all the necessary assistance and support to the international firms, manufacturers, investors willing to execute projects and attain their planned objectives. The company is focused on many strategic plans, Kuwait long term Government vision and initiatives to be achieved by the year 2025. We are fully presented in the territory and we live in the market, we are fully integrated in all the business channels related to our core business, we ensure consistency, reliability ensuring to our customers their satisfaction that becomes our growth, successful partnership and agreement with international companies and manufacturers mainly in Italy and the rest of Europe thanks to our expertise in the territory and reputable relation in the country.